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Welcome to David Clinton Wines

David Clinton Wine Cellars was founded in the belief that life is about meaningful relationships, especially with family and friends. The greatest thing about wine is that it brings people together.

We created David Clinton Wine Cellars to pursue our mutual passions for making wine and building friendships. Our wines are made by two friends, for friends, to share with friends.

Our History

The incredible expression of Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel has driven us for over a decade

company founded


David Huang & Clint Holdsworth found David Clinton Wine Cellars in Napa, California

first produced vintage


Inaugural vintage of David Clinton from the Unti Vineyard

introduction of Mounts & Teldeschi vineyard


David Clinton begins production of two single-vineyard wines - Mounts & Teldeschi



Current releases include 2018 Mounts, 2018 Teldeschi, and 2017 Forte - a port-style fortified zinfandel dessert wine

Current Releases

2016 Teldeschi – David Clinton

Teldeschi Vineyard

Ancient Vine, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County   

Our sixth vintage from the Teldeschi Vineyard, the 2018 Ancient Vine Zinfandel adds new dimensions to the style and quality we established with our previous vintages of vineyard-designate Zinfandels. Sourced from a vineyard block on the east side of Dry Creek Valley that was planted in the early 1890s, this wine is a bold, complex expression of the characteristics of ripeness and maturity that define the style of wine we strive for at David Clinton: an approachable Zinfandel with rich red/black-fruit flavors, balanced with crisp acidity, and a layered, lingering finish.

The 2018 Ancient Vine vintage from Teldeschi Vineyard showcases the rich fruit and flavor concentration associated with vines of this age and pedigree.  Building on the style we have demonstrated in previous vintages, this wine shows vibrant aromas and rich flavors of raspberry, blackberry, black cherry, and currant, with notes of licorice and tobacco.  The finish on this wine is not bashful, filled with spice and black pepper that integrate with and complement the wine’s supple tannins. The wine’s bold flavors and complex, yet balanced structure allows it to pair nicely with a broad range of food styles, including pasta dishes, grilled meats and vegetables, and barbecue. 


Mounts Vineyard

Mounts Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County   

Our sixth vintage from the Mounts Vineyard, the 2018 Old Vine Zinfandel is a wonderful continuation of the trademark style and quality we established with previous vintages of vineyard-designate Zinfandels. Sourced from an old-vine vineyard block on the west side of Dry Creek Valley, this wine highlights the specific characteristics of flavor and balance that define the style of wine we strive for at David Clinton: an approachable Zinfandel with rich red/black-fruit flavors, balanced with crisp acidity and a layered, lingering finish.

The 2018 Mounts Vineyard Zinfandel shows our balanced approach to wine making with even richer fruit and flavor concentration, with vibrant aromas and fresh flavors of raspberry, pomegranate, red cherry, and currant, and a hint of spiciness and black pepper on the finish. A wine that is extremely satisfying to drink on its own, this wine’s well-proportioned and balanced structure also allows it to pair nicely with a broad range of food styles, including pasta dishes, grilled meats and vegetables, barbecue, and Asian cuisine. 

2016 Mounts Vineyard – David Clinton


Mounts Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County   SOLD OUT!

We made our third vintage of dessert winethe 2017 Forté Zinfandel, in the style of traditional port wines. Our 2017 Forté combines the rich red/dark fruit flavors of the 2017 Mounts Vineyard Zinfandel with luscious natural grape sugars, fortified with the warmth and depth of grape brandy. 

The 2017 Forté, sourced from the same old-vine vineyard as our Mounts Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel vintages, shows the same vibrant aromas and fresh flavors of raspberry, blackberry, pomegranate, strawberry, and currant, with pleasant spiciness on the finish.  Typical of port-style wines, this wine’s structure and naturally pleasant sweetness allow it to pair wonderfully with a variety of cheeses, nuts, and chocolates. Likewise, it can stand entirely on its own as a fulfilling after-dinner dessert. 


David | David Clinton Wines
David Huang

David has had a lifelong love for food and wine. His parents instilled in him a curiosity for cuisines and flavors from many cultures, refining his taste through exploration at home and in his world travels.


During college, David began to explore wine and food together, travelling in the Napa and Sonoma wine countries, becoming fascinated with the synergistic combinations he found. After studying biomedical engineering at Harvard, he had to decide between going to UC Davis to study winemaking and going to medical school. He chose medical school and went to the Uniformed Services University. After deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan to care for our troops, he retired as a Colonel after 24 years on active and reserve duty.


After settling in the Napa Valley with his family, he had the opportunity to explore his passion for wine more fully. With his extensive chemistry and biology background, he was well equipped to enter the wine industry. He enrolled at Napa Valley College, and completed over 30 units in the enology and viticulture program. Since 2005, he has been the managing partner of Double Barrel Winery, an award-winning home winery collective. With seven vintages under their belts in the North Coast, working with multiple varietals and vineyards, he and his business partner, Clint, decided to take their friendship and love of food and wine to the next level. David Clinton Wine Cellars is a culmination of that dream.

Clint | David Clinton Wines
Clint Holdsworth

A native of Illinois, Clint grew up in a Midwest culture where the culinary staples were meat and potatoes and the alcoholic drink of choice was beer. When a career opportunity with biotechnology pioneer Genentech relocated Clint and his family to the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid 1980s, he and his wife began to explore the great cultural diversity there, in particular learning to appreciate different foods and fine wine.


After a job transfer with Genentech relocated him to the Napa Valley, Clint’s connection with wine grew from that of curious consumer to serious student of wine culture and winemaking. After joining a home winemaking group of friends and taking classes in winemaking and viticulture, Clint grew to appreciate the fulfillment of making award-winning wines and the satisfaction of sharing them with friends and family. That satisfaction led him to partner with his winemaking friend, David, to launch David Clinton Wine Cellars as a business.


In his twenty-five years with Genentech Clint gained first-hand experience in production management, business administration, and world-class fermentation technology, similar to that used in winemaking. Now retired from Genentech, Clint is applying his lifetime of learning to fulfill his ambition of making fine wines that he can share with others to enjoy.